Join the fight to #StopRosebank

We need you to Stop Rosebank. The biggest feild deserves the biggest fight.

The UK Government has just announced that it is planning to approve new oil and gas fields in the North Sea. Next on their list for approval is Equinor's Rosebank oil field.  It’s almost three times the size of Cambo - the oil field that we successfully stopped in 2021. The biggest field deserves the biggest fight. Together we can stop Rosebank.

For a liveable future, we can't let any of these fields move forward. They would create devastating climate pollution for decades to come and do nothing to lower the energy bills and improve the lives of millions of people forced into fuel poverty.

Instead we should be focusing on powering our lives with clean, renewable energy and supporting a just transition led by oil & gas workers, their unions and impacted communities.

We created a huge uproar around Cambo that lead to the field being "paused". Rosebank is next. Rosebank won't lower bills, make our energy more secure or protect the climate. It'll just make Equinor billions while producing more pollution than the 28 lowest income countries in the world.
We need to put pressure on Rishi Sunak and the UK Government to say no to Rosebank, to stop Cambo permanently and to reject all new oil and gas fields.

Sign up here to join #StopRosebank. We will contact you for upcoming actions and how you can get involved in organising wherever you are the UK.
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