What's your story?

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How is it possible to feel so alone when there are so many of us?

You wouldn't have guessed that there are 9 million of us out there. Everyone knows someone who cares for an elderly parent or person living with a disability, but hardly any one talks about it. Including us.

Our movement will only be successful if we find a way to talk about the day-to-day reality of caring. It’s the only way to ignite a debate about what our status in society is.

It might not feel like a big thing, but by sharing your story of caring, you'll be building our movement and growing our power.

Every single one of our stories is different. What's yours?


What will you do with my story?

Our aim is to empower carers to tell their own stories, directly to decision-makers. We think this is the most powerful way of creating lasting change. But we know that not everyone is ready to do this straight away.

So to start with, we'll use your story to show other carers that they're not alone. This might be by sharing it on social media, or in one of our emails.

This will help us reach carers in every corner of the country, and build our movement. We also hope it'll help you take a step towards your next action - and maybe one day, telling your story directly to that decision-maker.

We know that quiet moments are a rare and precious thing for carers, and we'll never waste or mis-use your time or information.

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