Strike Rally 4pm 10/4 - Solidarity with Sherwin Williams Workers


The workers of Sherwin Williams in Andover are on strike, and are asking for support! The main reasons for the strike were the company’s refusal to three-year agreement, safety issues, wage gaps and a staunch attendance policy among other items. Before this, these members proudly manufactured quality marine and industrial protective coatings used worldwide. (See article)

There is a rally at 4pm Friday October 4th, at 630 East 13th Street. Sherwin Williams employees are striking to fight for a fair deal. Stand with them Friday October 4th starting at 4pm at 630 East 13th Street, Andover, KS! Your support will help support their cause and lift their spirits as they stand up for themselves! Please RSVP with this form and wear red if possible if you are able to come to this rally!

Strike Etiquette:

1. Never cross a picket line of striking workers.

2. Never purchase or take free good from a company whose workers are striking.

3. Honk to support strikers if you drive by a picket line.

4. Join strikers on the picket line even if it's not your strike, but follow their directions and defer to them while there.

5. Say "that's great, the strike is working, the company should negotiate with their workers" whenever someone complains about profits lost, inconveniences or other worker-phobic rhetorics. Always turn it back on the company, who has the power to end the strike at any time by accepting the workers' demands.

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