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Working people from across the country will gather on Labor Day this year to reflect on the best ways we can continue to make our voices heard in our economy and democracy. You can take action, too.

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Sample Letter Title

Attacks on Voting Rights Need to Stop

Sample Letter Text

  • In communities like ours, Labor Day is the unofficial kickoff to the November election.
  • Throughout 2016, we’ve already seen footage of long lines and exasperated voters in states like Arizona and North Carolina. At a time when everyday folks are struggling to get by, working long hours and multiple jobs, voting should be easy.
  • It makes sense to give every American the right to cast an absentee ballot. This would allow people to vote around their work schedule and helps those who have trouble getting to the polls. It also would cut down on long lines on Election Day.
  • Voting is a right and a central part of our democracy. This Labor Day, we should be encouraging more people to participate in our democratic process by making voting more widely accessible for all of us.
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