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We're glad you're interested in helping us make our democracy work better for all of us. Please let us know what you're willing to do this summer by completing this survey.


The Canvass Team

If you're interested in learning more about our electoral strategies and tactics, or how we determined our target universe read on...

Let's take a look at the political landscape.

Our Advantage

We have the biggest voting bloc in the state. One in every five Democrats lives in our city; eight out of ten city residents are Democrats. If we all show up to vote, we will dominate the political landscape in Pennsylvania and provide the vote advantage we'll need to succeed against an energized right-wing in the "Pennsyltucky" region of the state this November.

In short: If we show up, we win.

We'll win back a Senate seat that should have been ours twelve years ago and neuter Mitch McConnell in the process. And we'll hold onto the Governorship - our bulwark against those religious bigots and white supremacists in Harrisburg enacting "trigger laws" to suppress the rights of people they don't like - which is pretty much anybody but themselves.

Our Challenge

People don't show up in Philly like they do in the rest of the state. To get a sense of what this means, take a look at this article on turnout for the 2022 primary. Of course, it's not just in this past election that Philly residents lag behind the rest of the state. Our low turnout negates our voter advantage and makes Philly less relevant.

If we're going to win control of the Senate and keep out the Quack from North Jersey; If we're going to keep that fascist Doug Mastriano out of the Governor's office, and out of women's personal affairs; If we're going to remain a representative democracy, then we're going to have to turn out numbers like we did in the 2020 Presidential election.

So, how do we get more people to vote?

Here's What We're Gonna Do...

Canvass Planning Call. We'll talk about our field work and the social media support for it. We'll lay out the field plan, decide on tasks, and build a schedule through Election Day. We'll map out a recruitment and action plan for our volunteers. You are invited to this planning session if you are willing to take on a leadership role. Click the box for "Canvass Planning Call'.

Workshop: Having a Good Conversation. Each week we'll reprise our workshop on "The Science Behind the Door Knock" with updates on the new campaign and an emphasis on encouraging mail-in ballots. This will allow everyone an opportunity to practice the conversation before we show up to canvass.

Buddy Canvass. We're going to put together canvass teams every weekend starting in late July. We want to have multiple canvasses every week, and we want to do it in pairs because it makes the job easier for canvassers and more likely that neighbors will open their doors. Click "Take Canvass Workshop".

Assist with Mail-In Ballot Applications. This is the most efficient thing we can do to help build up our vote total. Every voter who fills out a mail-in ballot application means one less voter we need to go back to until the ballots are ready to be mailed. That means we can focus on those we didn't reach yet. Our goal is to encourage everyone we encounter to fill out a MIB application - either on an iPad or in paper form (we'll provide paper forms).

How We Determined Our Universe

We are working with a state-wide partner called America Votes. They are an independent expenditure group, meaning that they work on getting candidates elected without coordination with a political party or candidate.

They rely on allies like PNN, For Our Future, SEIU and a dozen other organizations in Pennsylvania to knock doors and capture IDs on candidates in a coordinated manner, so nobody falls through the cracks. Their data gurus have determined that there are slightly more than 400,000 doors to knock in Philly. About half those doors have been knocked once. Together, we'll make at least two passes at every door.

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Tim Brown
Narberth, Pennsylvania