Support Safe, Good Jobs in Centre County

Everyone in Centre County deserves a good job, and to know they'll be able to clock out safely and go home to their loved ones.

But that isn't the reality for everyone. Businesses and contractors more concerned with their bottom line than their communities cut corners, mistreat workers, create unsafe work environments, and make it hard for workers to make ends meet. Whether we're students or long-term residents, we know that we need and deserve better.

That's why our labor council, in partnership with our community and elected officials, is pushing for improvements in worker safety: things like better on-the-job safety training for skilled tradespeople working on projects funded with taxpayer dollars, public education about workplace rights, consistent safety standards protecting public employees, and a stronger voice for workers in determining community priorities and policies.

We can't do it alone. We need to stand together as working families, and as a community, to ensure that Centre County is a leader in workers' rights, and that nobody is left behind.

Please join us in standing together to demand action for safe, good safe jobs in Centre County.

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