Support SPFE's Bargaining Priorities


The Saint Paul Federation of Educators' bargaining priorities are focused on racial equity and improving the educational environment for all of the district's students, which should always be our top priority. Add your name to show that you are a proud supporter of this years bargaining priorities.

  • Mental Health Supports for Students: More Social Workers, Counselors, Nurses, Psychologists, and Intervention Specialists.
  • Multilingual Support: Students and families should be able to easily communicate with educators and participate in the school community.
  • Adequate Levels of Support for Special Education and English Learner Students: Weighted caseloads and class sizes ensure all students needs are met.
  • Time for Educational Support Professionals to Work with Students: Clear, consistent schedules for EAs and SCSPs, fewer additional duties.
  • Respect for Educator Voice: Our educators know what our schools need to provide our students with the education they deserve.
  • Investment in Our Students and Staff: A budget that puts students at the center and honors the hard work of educators through competitive wages and benefits.