Support refugees resettling in Eltham

There are 11 million Syrian refugees in the world. Eltham has been asked to help 120.

We have the space in our town and in our hearts to show compassion and understanding.

Join Welcome to Eltham and make a pledge to say: refugees are welcome.

Why do we need a pledge?

We have a simple aim: for refugees to feel welcome in our community.

Sadly, groups from outside Eltham are planning a big protest outside St Vincent’s Aged Care Services on November 5. They are dubbing it “The Battle for Eltham” and many comments on social media are vitriolic, misinformed and disturbing.

Past protests attended by these groups in places like Bendigo have turned violent.

That's the last thing we want. We believe it’s important for all of us to take a stand before November 5 and to be able to show just how many people say: refugees are welcome.


  • Up to 120 newly-arrived refugees, mostly from Syria and Iraq will soon call Eltham home.  
  • Rental accommodation has been made available in 60 unoccupied stand-alone units at St Vincent’s Care Services Eltham, renovated with private funds.
  • Settlement support will provided by CatholicCare Services.
  • Planning permission for this project has been given by the State government.
  • Welcome to Eltham was formed by local residents to harness tremendous community goodwill.
  • A large network of  community groups is providing volunteers to give our new arrivals a great start.
  • The project is for two years, after which the units will be offered as affordable housing for the aged.
  • Refugees being resettled have passed stringent health, security and character checks.
  • There is no impact on waiting lists for residential aged care as there is a surplus within the area.

Join with us and pledge your support today.

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