Support the 20s Plenty Campaign!

Please add your support to this important campaign for our communities, today!

The evidence  shows that the benefits of introducing a 20mph limit to villages and towns in North Yorkshire would include:

●    SAFER STREETS FOR ALL, PARTICULARLY CHILDREN AND THE ELDERLY Significantly less risk of serious injury especially for vulnerable road users; less intimidation from motor vehicles for all road users and especially those walking and cycling.

●     PROMOTING ACTIVE HEALTH FOR RESIDENTS Reinforcing healthy lifestyles by encouraging walking and cycling

●     ENVIRONMENTAL IMPROVEMENTS  Reduced vehicle emissions and noise due to lower speeds and traffic volumes

●     BETTER COMMUNITY LIFE AND A POSITIVE IMAGE FOR NORTH YORKSHIRE VILLAGES AND TOWNS 20mph enables lifestyle changes, renewed community life, sociability and the positive atmosphere we all want where we live. Villages and towns within the county will become more attractive, liveable and sustainable places, in keeping with their growing eco-friendly ethos.

●     STRENGTHENING THE LOCAL ECONOMY 20mph aids local business as people want to shop and live in 20mph places.

●     POSITIONING NORTH YORKSHIRE AS A LEADER The trend towards 20mph is well-established in the UK and other countries. 20mph would place North Yorkshire more firmly on the map and encourage other positive investments for our towns and villages.

Thank you