Basic Income is the essential foundation for a liberal future: support the Basic Income motion at Lib Dem Conference

Basic Income will provide the security that means everyone can reach their full potential. It would give people power, freedom and choice.

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A movement has begun within the Liberal Democrats that wants to build a liberal Britain with Basic Income.

Party Conference is the Liberal Democrats' chance to put Basic Income into party policy. On Friday 25th September, party members will vote on a motion that calls for:

a) Liberal Democrats to campaign for a Universal Basic Income, paid to all long-term
UK residents.

b) this income to be funded in a socially just and equitable manner to create a fairer social security
system for all.

c) this income to be implemented based on the best available international evidence,
rolled out in a phased manner to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of the

d) this income to be streamlined and integrated with other necessary income support
mechanisms including pensions and student living cost support.

e) the Federal Policy Committee to work further on the details of the implementation.

f) Liberal Democrats to continue to campaign for strong and accessible targeted
income support mechanisms, including but not limited to effective housing and
disability support payments.

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Basic Income Conversation is a new initative supported by the think tank Compass organising to make Universal Basic Income a reality in the UK.