Support the THRIVE Agenda!

Alabama and the South have been disproportionately affected by natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. These disasters, fueled by climate change, are getting worse and our most impoverished communities often pay the highest prices when they occur.

That is why we're endorsing the THRIVE Agenda, a climate ambitious, pro-worker, and pro-racial justice economic recovery policy vehicle to pass a monumental economic stimulus package.

It rebuilds the public sector and reinvents the government’s ability to get the job done. THRIVE is a unity agenda, developed across 15 national organizations and networks including labor unions, student movements, Indigenous communities, environmental and progressive organizations moving shoulder-to-shoulder to repair the historical harms of the past, care for people in this moment of crisis, and prepare us for the future.

The Agenda outlines eight pillars for economic renewal:

  1. Creates millions of new good-paying, safe green jobs with access to unions;
  2. Builds the power of workers to fight inequality and reverse the corporate erosion of workers' rights, wages, and benefits;
  3. Invests in Black, brown, and Indigenous communities to build power and counteract racial and gender injustice;
  4. Strengthens Native sovereignty and heals the nation-to-nation relationship with Native Nations;
  5. Combats environmental injustice to ensure healthy lives for all;
  6. Averts climate and environmental catastrophes and builds climate resiliency in all communities;
  7. Ensures fairness for workers and communities affected by economic transitions through equitable investments, guaranteed wages, pensions, and healthcare;
  8. Reinvests in public institutions including healthcare systems, schools, postal, and other services that enable workers and communities to thrive.


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