Support We Dream in Black!

The history of domestic and care work in the U.S. is intimately tied to the history of Black women's labor. In one statistic, in 1930 nearly 90% of Black women in Atlanta were employed as domestic workers. The work of Black women and domestic work has been historically devalued. The legacies of racial discrimination, Jim Crow, and slavery live on in the explicit exclusion of home care workers and other domestic workers from minimum wage and over-time protections.

We Dream in Black is fighting for a new future. We are a community of black women committed to building power and community with other black women. We are building an unstoppable movement that uplifts the leadership of Black women. We are committed to strengthening and expanding the power and voices of Black domestic workers.

When domestic workers come together, we are fighting for something far larger than back wages or rest breaks. We are organizing to create a world where every single one of us, domestic workers, woman, communities of color, immigrant children, aging grandparents—all of us—are treated with respect and dignity. Join us.