Survey: I want to live in a walkable community!

Drawing of a community with multifamily housing, trees, and public transit

Do you want to live in a thriving neighborhood where everything you need is within walking and biking distance from your home, with no need to own a car?

The street is lined with trees, there are safe and protected bike lanes, and there are beautiful low to midrise buildings with lower cost apartments above ground-level shops - grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, and small, local retail. You have easy access to fast transit, and car share when you need it. People who work in the neighborhood can afford to live there, too.

Urban Environmentalists aims to create walkable communities just like this. Do you want to see walkable communities with abundant housing where you live? And would you be interested in living in one yourself? Fill out our survey to tell us what you think!

Streetscape with housing, transit access, safe streets, tree canopy, and outdoor dining

Image Credit: Livable Communities Initiative
Form by
Joanna Gubman
San Francisco, California