Take Action to Protect Michigan Workers!


Using lame duck to pass controversial and partisan legislation is undemocratic. Since 2010, politicians have used lame duck to pass or repeal laws to serve their interests rather than the interests of Michiganders. This year's lame duck session looks to be no different. Find out more about lame duck at this FAQ.

This year, politicians are expected to gut the Paid Sick Leave and Minimum Wage Increase initiatives, which are both widely popular measures. Republicans have already introduced legislation to rescind many basic rights of unions. It’s important for all Michiganders to pay attention during lame duck and to fight back in every way we can. You can do your part to support working people and promote democracy by signing this pledge and sharing it with your community.

Politicians should not use lame duck to pass legislation that they know the majority of Michiganders oppose. Unprecedented voter turnout in November and widespread support to increase voting access and end gerrymandering demonstrated that most Michiganders want more democracy not less, and I am part of that pro-democracy majority.  By signing, I pledge that I will not vote for any legislator who uses lame duck to weaken democracy in our state and I’m ready to fight back.

1. Sign up to Phone Bank: Starting this week, LEO and GEO will co-host phone-banks every Tuesday and Wednesday (339 E. Liberty, Suite. 340). We will contact union members in the districts of legislators supporting anti-worker bills, patching them through to speak to their representatives. Direct pressure on legislators is our best chance at defeating the awful bills already passed through one of the Legislature’s chambers before it gets through the second, and those to come. Please join us for at least one of six phone-bank sessions we have scheduled from December 4 to 19. To volunteer for a phone bank shift, sign up here.

2. Sign the Petition: AFT has produced a form letter that you can send to your representatives to oppose two pending House bills that will weaken K-12 public-sector unions. Please follow this link to learn about the bills and send a letter.

3. Upcoming Actions in Lansing

  • Monday December 3, 2018 (12PM-1PM)

  • Tuesday, December 4, 2018 (9:30AM-12:00PM)

  • Tuesday - Thursday (8:30AM)

    • We the People Lame Duck Actions Week -- Join us at 8:30am at the America Votes/Progress Michigan office in Lansing (215 S. Washington Square, Suite 135, Lansing, MI 48933) to prepare and launch into teams for lame duck actions. We will flood every committee meeting on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, submitting cards to testify, and demanding that this undemocratic lame duck be stopped. It's critical that we show up to committees to let legislators  know that the people are watching and won't stand by idly while democracy in our state is degraded.