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    • Vote Yes for Prop 123 on May 17.
    • Continue to hold politicians accountable for providing additional public education
      funding until Arizona’s per-pupil funding is competitive with other states
      and our schools have resources to meet our children’s needs.
    • Advocate against the diversion of public school funding into private schools
      or tax cuts for wealthy special interests.

We need our politicians to recognize our children are our future
and plan for it by strengthening our public schools.

Arizona ranks 50th in per-student spending. Politicians made drastic cuts to schools over the last two decades. Parents, teachers, and voters pressured the Governor and the Legislative leadership to settle the school inflation funding lawsuit and put Prop 123 on the ballot, which is the first step toward changing our course for public education in Arizona.

Next, we must hold politicians accountable to support the funding our schools need and our students deserve. We must increase and stabilize funding for public education so our children go to school in clean classrooms, with up-to-date textbooks and technology, and with smaller class sizes; we can attract and retain the best teachers and give them the resources they need; and we can restore full-day kindergarten so all children have the same opportunity starting their formal public education.
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