Tell Amazon: Stop Donating to Book Banning Republicans

The calls for censorship are once again raising and sweeping through the corridors of power under the pretense of intellectual purity. This emerging threat is aimed at the very heart of our freedom -- our books, ideas, and voices.

The free exchange of ideas and access to diverse perspectives are fundamental pillars of a democratic and inclusive society but recent revelations have shed light on a concerning practice: Amazon, one of the world's largest and most influential companies, is donating to politicians who support book banning.

Amazon built its empire on the sale of books and other forms of media, but despite its roots in the realm of free expression and open access to information, the company is supporting the forces of censorship and repression.

In the 2022 election cycle alone, Amazon donated over $740,000 to Republicans, including donating directly to the Texas, Florida, and Idaho Republican Parties -- the very same states leading in book banning and defunding libraries.

We must not allow the machinery of corporate profit to subsidize the dismantling of our freedoms. This is where you step in.

Amazon needs to face public pressure to stop.

We must demand Amazon cease funding those attempting to restrict our knowledge access. As a company profiting immensely from the free exchange of ideas and the sale of books, Amazon holds a social duty to resist such repressive agendas. It's vital they uphold the principles enriching our diverse society.

Censorship is the refuge of those fearful of ideas, unable to defend their beliefs. By opposing book banning, we uphold the right to freely and fearlessly access and disseminate ideas. Add your name now.

Tell Amazon:
Stop Donating to Book Banning Republicans Now.

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