Tell Biden and Democrats: Deliver on your Promises!

Democrats in Congress made a promise to build back better for all communities. Yet, as the Biden Administration completes 1 full year in office, immigrant communities have yet to see meaningful action.

Biden campaigned on creating a humane immigration system. He campaigned on rebuking Trump-era policies, establishing our asylum system, protecting and expanding programs like DACA and TPS, and providing a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented people.

As President Biden marks one year in office, he has deported and expelled over 1.8 million people going against his promises to protect immigrant communities and stop deportations.

Nationwide, millions of undocumented people – many of whom have risked their lives as essential workers throughout this pandemic to keep us safe, fed, and healthy– continue to live with the threat of detention and deportation without a path to citizenship.

With deportations and expulsions spiking under the Biden administration, President Biden has a choice to make: either be on the side of Americans and deliver a pathway to citizenship or choose to leave millions vulnerable to the grips of ICE and CBP.

Can you ADD YOUR NAME and demand that the Biden Administration and Democrats deliver on their promises to protect immigrant communities?

This isn’t the time for words, excuses, and empty promises. Senate Democrats and President Biden cannot pass the blame to anyone else. They have a responsibility to meet this moment with bold leadership and prove they are different from every Congress and administration that failed to deliver for immigrant communities.

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