Tell Biden: Replace Donald “Lee” Moak on the USPS Board of Governors Now

This is not a drill! The Biden administration may be about to reappoint Trump-appointee Donald “Lee” Moak to another one-year term on the USPS Board of Governors and President Biden could announce it any day.

It’s up to us to stop this.

There are many reasons Lee Moak is unfit to serve, but perhaps the most important is that he has done almost nothing to rein in Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s failed leadership.

In fact, Moak has been a rubber stamp for DeJoy.[1] He’s failed to push DeJoy to expand services and products. He’s done little to stop mail slowdowns, post office closures, and price hikes. And perhaps most importantly, Moak definitely won’t vote to fire Louis DeJoy.

It might be why Trump nominated Lee Moak in the first place. After all, Moak’s connection to Trump also includes his connection to Trump lawyer Stefan Passantino.[2]

When Passantino served as Deputy White House Counsel on ethics, he made a name for himself by defending Kellyanne Conway’s promotion of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line on national T.V. from the White House briefing room. The Office of Inspector General and just about everyone else condemned it as a breach of ethics.[3]

Passantino also personally pitched the fake Hunter Biden laptop story to the Wall Street Journal and other media outlets[4] before the election, and was a leader of the “Lawyers for Trump” coalition that formed to challenge the 2020 election results.[5]

Since Moak’s appointment to the USPS Board, we’ve learned that the consulting firm Moak founded and where he still holds the position of CEO, hired Passantino for “legal services” -- though what those legal services entailed has never been disclosed.[6]

The bottom line is that even Moak knows he’s not qualified for this role. Here he is in his own words:[7]

“....I am not a postal expert and I am still only at the beginning stages of understanding the Postal Service’s current challenges…”

Lee Moak must not be reappointed to serve. The Biden administration should nominate a progressive who understands that the path forward for the USPS requires firing Postmaster General DeJoy, expanding service and products, and stopping service delays and excessive price hikes.

Tell President Biden:
Replace Donald “Lee” Moak on the USPS Board of Governors Now

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