Tell Congress: Abolish the Debt Ceiling Now

The Debt Ceiling has no reason to exist. Its only purpose is to give the minority party the ability to sabotage and extort the governing party, by risking a significant decrease in the country’s worldwide credit rating that U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says would 'permanently' weaken America.1

Each year, Republicans announce “demands” in exchange for allowing the United States to pay for the spending Congress has already authorized. Under President Obama, Republicans repeatedly demanded cuts to Social Security and Medicare in exchange for their votes to increase the debt limit.

Now, under President Biden, congressional Republicans are doing the exact same. They want to force cuts to critical programs in exchange for simply allowing the U.S. to pay its bills. Just look at this Washington Post headline:

Washington Post headline: GOP to use debt limit to force spending cuts, with Medicare, Social Security in the mix, McCarthy says

With the possibility of a divided government come January, Democrats must work during the November and December lame-duck session to abolish the Debt Ceiling and finally put this high stakes brinkmanship, which risks historic financial crisis year after year, to rest once and for all. Sign the petition now.

Tell Congress:
Abolish the Debt Ceiling and permanently allow our government to pay its bills and secure the full faith and credit of the United States.

1. U.S. Treasury's Yellen: Debt default would 'permanently' weaken America