Tell Congress: Ban Partisan Gerrymandering!

CNN reports that as many as a dozen or more states could undergo redistricting again before the 2024 election—giving Republicans in state legislatures another chance to advantage themselves and gerrymander their way into a stronger majority in the House of Representatives.

Partisan gerrymandering is as un-democratic as it gets, and one of the worst examples of this is in Wisconsin. During the state’s 2011 redistricting, Republicans controlled the state legislature and governor's office, where they created legislative maps that were the most skewed toward Republicans in the country.

When Wisconsin Republicans drew district lines in 2021, they boosted their advantage in the State Assembly even more. In an election where the Democratic governor received 51% of the vote, the Republican gerrymandered state still delivered 61 of 99 seats to Republicans.

Democrats have tried to crack down on gerrymandered maps in recent years, first in the For the People Act and then in the Freedom to Vote Act―but both times Republicans filibustered the bills and stopped them in their tracks.

Gerrymandered maps that allow the loud minority to overrule the majority are detrimental to our democracy. Politicians shouldn’t be able to pick their voters, but that’s exactly what Republicans are doing when they rig legislative districts in their favor.

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