Tell Congress: Boycott Kevin McCarthy’s Commission to Cut Social Security

Just after increasing the debt ceiling, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy went on FOX News to announce his plan to create a commission to cut Social Security and Medicare behind closed doors.

McCarthy knows that the only way to cut Social Security and Medicare is to make a secret deal and present it to the American public with support from members of both parties. That way, voters won’t know who to blame.

That’s exactly why McCarthy is claiming that his commission will be “bipartisan, on both sides of the aisle.”—in hopes that both parties share the blame for cutting Social Security. But that won’t happen unless Congress cooperates. We need to make sure that our allies stand united to stop McCarthy’s commission.

McCarthy’s scheme relies on finding at least one Democrat who is willing to play along with Republicans. If our allies stand united and refuse to go behind closed doors, the commission will fail.

Any commission that McCarthy creates will be overwhelmingly tilted towards benefit cuts, because McCarthy’s party refuses to consider making the wealthy pay their fair share. And the media has demonstrated that it will give credence to Republican claims of fiscal prudence, in spite of their record of exploding deficits. The only way to win this game is not to play.

Congress must make it clear that they are only willing to debate Social Security’s future in the sunlight. Then, they can contrast Democratic plans to expand Social Security with Republican plans to cut it—and let the American people decide.

Tell Congress: Stand united and refuse to serve on Kevin McCarthy’s closed-door Social Security-cutting commission.