Tell Congress: During This Pandemic, Support Our Public Postal Service

As most Americans shelter in place, postal workers are delivering people’s prescriptions, keeping small-enterprises in business and connecting families. The USPS has always been our emergency distribution system when our country is in crisis.

But, at this unprecedented time, that work is under threat. The Coronavirus shutdown is plummeting postal revenues while increasing costs. The Postal Service could run out of money as early as June.

The loss of the USPS would shatter our response to the Coronavirus pandemic, hit already weakened businesses, and ravage communities. Our public Postal Service needs all American leaders - Democrats and Republicans alike - to provide urgent and ongoing financial support from the Federal Government during this public health and economic crisis.

Add your name: Protect the Postal Service!

Message To: Congress:

Our Postal Service has stepped up to keep our country working during the COVID-19 crisis. It urgently needs Federal government support, but so far has received little.

The USPS is the nation’s only universal delivery and communications network, connecting 160 million homes and businesses in every corner of the country. The Coronavirus crisis has put a huge strain on the Postal Service with dramatic falls in revenue and increased costs.

The Postal Service needs both urgent and ongoing support from the Federal Government or Americans everywhere will suffer from the loss of postal services. That must include:

Invest $25 billion now to the Postal Service to help it weather the pandemic and the deep recession it is causing.

Keep our Postal Service running during the crisis with quarterly payments to cover the Postal Service’s increased costs and decreased income.

Treat the Postal Service like other employers by funding the cost of Covid-19 related sick leave and family medical leave introduced by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Any legislation to provide and fund Covid-19 related hazard pay must include postal workers, who face heightened exposure risks to the virus on a daily basis.

Stop the Treasury department from forcing operational and policy changes on the Postal Service as a condition for borrowing, and remove the annual limit on borrowing authorities.