Tell Congress: End the violence of no-knock warrants

From Louisville, Kentucky to Minneapolis, MN, no-knock raids have too often resulted in the deaths of innocent Black people. Recently, on Feb. 2, Minneapolis, MN police murdered Amir Locke in a no-knock warrant entry as he was sleeping on his couch. It was nine seconds from breaking into the house to murdering Amir. It was later confirmed that he was not the subject of the warrant that was issued.

Amir’s murder comes almost 2 years after the tragic murder of Breonna Taylor due to a no-knock warrant she also was not the subject of. After Breonna’s death, the city of Louisville banned no-knock warrants and now calls are coming for Minneapolis to do the same.

While individual cities and states seek to ban the use of no-knock warrants, we need federal action to ensure equal protection for all. It’s time for Congress to act and pass legislation that bans police use of no-knock warrants.

The Justice Department has issued a policy curtailing the use of no-knock warrants by its federal agents, and President Biden is considering expanding that same policy to other agencies. This is a good first step, but we must go farther to ensure the safety and security for all people.

We have not forgotten Breonna’s name and we will not forget Amir’s. We are in this fight until we win it and until people are safe from dangerous police tactics and violence.

Sign the petition to Congress: It’s time to end the violence of no-knock warrants.