Tell Congress: Expand Medicare!

Right now, Congress is negotiating a $3.5 trillion package that can pass without Republican votes. But one of the most popular parts of that package is taking a hammering from lobbyists and dark money groups: Expanding Medicare.

Medicare currently does not cover dental, hearing, or vision care, and there’s no cap on out-of pocket expenses, which can leave older Americans destitute in the event of a medical emergency.

Cancer diagnoses skyrocket among 65-year olds because many seniors put off checkups until they qualify for Medicare. If we lowered the eligibility age, think of how many lives could be saved.

And a George W. Bush-era law prevents Medicare from using its buying power to negotiate prices with pharmaceutical corporations, the way any other insurer does. Lifting that prohibition would lower drug prices for everyone!

This is a once-in-a-generation chance to fulfill Medicare’s promise of secure, affordable health care coverage after a lifetime of work. Democrats must take it!

Sign your name to demand that Congress expand Medicare by:

  • Adding dental, hearing, and vision care

  • Creating an out-of-pocket cap on expenses so that health care costs don’t bankrupt seniors

  • Lowering Medicare’s eligibility age

  • Giving Medicare the power to negotiate prices with pharmaceutical corporations, lowering costs for everyone in the process

Tell Congress: We MUST Expand Medicare!