Tell Congress: Fight for seniors! Lower prescription drug prices and expand home care services.

Seniors have been hardest-hit by the pandemic, first dying at the highest rates, now struggling to make ends meet on fixed incomes while corporate greed drives up prices. Congress must take action right now to lower prescription drug prices and expand home care services.

President Biden has called for historic investments in our families and communities―including investments important for seniors that will lower skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs and help millions of people deal with inflation on everything from food to housing to health care.

Among those critical reforms needed, Congress must lower the cost of prescription drugs and allow Medicare to negotiate directly with drug companies. Already this year, Big Pharma has increased the price of nearly 450 life-saving and life-sustaining drugs.

And we need to expand home care services for the aging and people with disabilities to keep people in their homes and active in their communities. Every day, another 10,000 people turn 65. Hundreds of thousands of people are on waiting lists for home and community based services. A new economic and health bill must provide more affordable home care while ensuring that home care workers get decent pay.

In March, when inflation was 8.5% over the previous year, the increase in prices was costing the average U.S. household $327 per month. We demand Congress enact an economic package that helps seniors cope with increasing prices while putting money in people’s pockets.