Tell Congress: Fund zero-emission public transportation in American cities.

Clean transportation now

The petition to Congress reads:

"Pass legislation that provides funding for zero-emission public transportation programs in our cities."

If your city is still using gasoline-powered school buses and public transportation vehicles, it is actively contributing to the climate crisis. The heatwaves that tens of millions of Americans have already experienced this summer aren’t random; they’re the product of decades of fossil fuel emissions super-charging climate change.

That alone should encourage municipalities to switch from gas to electric vehicles, but there's more.

For people living in large cities, it's not just the effects of climate change causing harm, but the actual effects of the vehicle emissions themselves. That’s right: The pollution billowing from tailpipes and toxifying our air is literally killing people.

It's time we demand better, healthier modes of public transportation. Sign the petition from Dream Corps Green For All urging Congress to provide funding for zero-emission school buses and public transport vehicles, and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in public spaces.