Tell Congress: Pass a Wealth Tax on the Ultra-Rich Now

A new report by the Congressional Budget Office shows that wealth inequality for families in the United States has widened significantly in the last 30 years.

The rich got richer -- a lot richer.

Since 1989, the wealthiest one percent increased their bottom line by $29 trillion. Meanwhile, families in the bottom twenty-five percent on average had more debt than assets.

In fact, the poorest *half* of America, about 150 million people, hold only 2% of the country's total wealth. By contrast, that top one percent I mentioned above, they alone hold 34%.

If this study shows anything, it’s that the American dream is getting further and further out of reach for most Americans. And it’s because too much money is being held by too few people.

If we want to live in a country where everyone is given the opportunity to succeed, we have to start by fighting inequality head on -- and that means taxing the rich.

The simplest and most effective way to go after the people who are really driving inequality -- the really wealthy, the super-wealthy, the more-money-than-you-could-spend-in-ten-lifetimes wealthy, is to pass a wealth tax.

Millions of ordinary Americans already pay a wealth tax every year when they pay property taxes on their homes, which represent the majority of their wealth. It’s only fair for billionaires to do the same.

This report confirms what you and I already knew: It’s time for Congress to take income inequality head on. Sign the petition.

Tell Congress:
Pass a Wealth Tax on the Ultra-Rich Now