Tell Majority Leader Schumer: No special favors for Sellout Sinema in the new Senate next year.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema is incredibly unpopular in her home state of Arizona.

Data for Progress published poll findings that captured the extent of Arizona Democratic primary voters’ dissatisfaction with Senator Sinema earlier this year. She had the highest unfavorability rating of any elected Democrat tested in the state, and she was poised to lose her 2024 primary by a wide margin.

It’s not hard to see why. Senator Kyrsten Sinema has spent her entire Senate term posturing for a multimillion dollar job in private equity. That’s why we call her Sellout Sinema. The name fits 100%.

When President Biden just signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law, it didn’t include a single cent of new taxes on millionaire and billionaire wealth. That wasn’t because of Joe Manchin. That was Sellout Sinema.

She held the bill hostage until leadership agreed to remove a provision that would have shrunk the carried interest loophole that allows wealthy private equity money managers to misclassify income as capital gains and pay about half as much in taxes. This loophole means many Wall Street executives pay a significantly lower rate in taxes than teachers, firefighters, and even retail workers.

She then followed up her defense of the carried interest loophole by nearly derailing the bill at the last minute to demand that private equity companies get a special exemption from the new corporate minimum tax.

Why did she do it? Sellout Sinema sold her vote for more than a million dollars in donations from Wall Street.

Now Sellout Sinema has left the Democratic Party to become an “Independent” but will still caucus with Democrats in the Senate, so she can retain her committee assignments. She wants to have it both ways. Keep her power to negotiate for her Wall Street buddies and slow down President Biden’s agenda, while also positioning herself to avoid losing the Democratic primary in 2024.

The results of the midterm election gave Democrats a 51-49 advantage in control of the Senate and Sinema can’t stop legislation all by herself. Leader Schumer doesn’t have to make deals with her to secure her vote if he has the rest of the Democratic caucus on board. Let’s make sure he knows that if he stands strong when she tries to get her way, we’ll have his back.

Tell Majority Leader Schumer:
No special favors for Sellout Sinema in the new Senate next year.