Tell Pearson: Support Privacy Standards for Student Data

Parents and educators have a lot of questions for Pearson and we need your to help make sure they come clean.

Pearson, the multinational testing and publishing company, was recently called out for concerns over how it was monitoring students’ social media activity related to certain school exams. This raises questions among parents and educators about what they are doing with student data. Are they using it for commercial purposes? Are they ensuring the security of students’ private information?

Pearson, and all testing companies, need to come clean about everything they are doing with student information so that concerned parents, teachers, and school administrators can know that students’ information is being used only for legitimate educational purposes, not for profit.

They can begin to build trust in their intentions by signing on to the Student Data Principles. Dozens of other education organizations have, including the National Education Association. These 10 principles should guide the work of everyone who uses student information to support learning and success.

Sign the petition now and demand that Pearson agree to the Student Data Principles for using and safeguarding students’ personal information.