Tell President Biden and Congress: Taxpayer dollars should not go to multibillion dollar corporations that break labor laws.

Workers across the country are banding together to fight for higher wages, better benefits and improved workplace conditions either through an existing union or by starting one from scratch.

Corporations have launched aggressive anti-union campaigns -- often including the illegal tactics of threatening, harassing, and firing workers -- to stop people from joining or starting a union. President Biden and Congress need to send a clear message: No taxpayer dollars will go to criminal union-busting corporations.

The National Labor Relations Board issued a complaint against Starbucks for 29 unfair labor practice charges, including more than 200 violations of the National Labor Relations Act.[1]

Amazon was forced to enter a National Settlement agreement with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in December after illegally violating workers rights.[2] That followed an order from the labor board only the month before, in November, requiring Amazon to hold a revote after illegally interfering in an election in Bessemer, Alabama where workers were trying to form a union.[3]

Tesla, Apple, Verizon, the list of corporations where workers are reporting labor violations to the NLRB goes on and on and only gets longer every day. Obviously, the current disincentives to breaking the law aren’t good enough. It’s time to hit them where it counts -- their bottom line.

Tell President Biden and Congress:
Taxpayer dollars should not go to multibillion dollar corporations that violate labor laws.

Major corporations -- from Tesla, Nike, and FedEx to Google, Disney, and AT&T -- suck up billions of dollars each year in tax dollars through subsidies and direct investment by federal, state and local governments. Amazon ranks 11th on the Good Jobs First subsidy tracker with more than $3.5 billion in tax dollars. Starbucks benefits from more than $4 million and Apple gets $1.7 billion.[4]

Taking taxpayer dollars is big business for corporate America and it seems time and time again like this money is just given away with no strings attached. It doesn’t have to be that way.

President Biden could issue an executive order denying federal contracts to corporations deemed to have broken the law by the National Labor Relations Board. Congress could pass legislation to pause, limit, or completely scrap subsidies and stop federal tax dollars from being spent. And the Dept. of Defense and other agencies in the Biden administration could update the Federal Acquisitions Regulation process, already in place to determine whether or not a contractor is suitable to receive a federal contract, to include compliance with labor law.[5]

As workers rise up to fight for better lives and demand more from the corporations they make profitable, it’s absolutely critical that our leaders in D.C. stand with them.

President Biden and Congress must stop multibillion dollar companies engaged in illegal anti-union activity from receiving any taxpayer dollars now. Add your name.

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