Tell President Biden and Congress to take immediate climate action to save our livable planet!

Record wildfires, heatwaves, floods, storms, and rising ocean temperatures are happening in real-time and simultaneously, just as climate experts have warned.

California is experiencing hurricanes, and the ocean around Florida is so hot that coral reefs are dying. Wildfires are burning cities and towns to the ground. Heatwaves across the globe are approaching temperatures that aren’t survivable for humans.

Last year, climate disasters cost the United States $165 billion, one of the most costly years on record. Some insurance companies in Florida, California, and other climate disaster-prone states are no longer insuring properties due to catastrophic climate disruptions.

Climate catastrophes will increase in intensity and frequency if the climate crisis continues unchecked. We need the Biden administration and Congress to take meaningful action NOW!

With an executive order, President Biden could declare climate change a national emergency. Doing so would allow him to reinstate our ban on crude oil exports, end dirty energy projects, redirect disaster funds, and fast-track renewable transportation and clean power.

Congress must pass legislation to put the planet over profits. They must prevent fossil fuel companies from polluting with impunity and making our planet hostile to our survival while raking in unprecedented amounts of money.

The more time that goes by without taking meaningful action, the higher price we, our children, and our children’s children will pay. That’s why we need President Biden and Congress to fight for a livable planet —while we still have time to reverse the effects of climate disaster!

Sign the petition and tell President Biden and Congress to take immediate climate action to save our livable planet!

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