Tell Republicans: We will NOT raise the retirement age!

Life expectancy in the United States is decreasing. So why are Republican politicians trying to increase the retirement age for young people?

Presidential candidates Tim Scott, Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley have all publicly said they want to make today’s young people retire later than their parents. And frontrunner Donald Trump proposed cuts to Social Security in each budget that he released as president. They’d rather people pay into Social Security their whole lives, and then accept less than their parents in retirement. We’re here to tell them: Hell no.

Young people will not accept less than our parents got, and grandparents will not take a secure retirement away from our grandkids. We are standing united.

Republican crocodile tears over Social Security’s long-term financing always force the “hard questions” to make working people worse off. They never ask their wealthy donors to “sacrifice”―even though if millionaires and billionaires paid in to Social Security at the same rate that we do, we could afford to INCREASE benefits for current AND future retirees.

Americans already work longer than citizens of many other countries. We are the richest country in the world, at the richest point in its history. Now is not the time to ask a factory worker to sacrifice―it’s time to demand sacrifice from greedy Wall Street CEOs.

SIGN NOW: Tell Republicans we will NOT raise the retirement age!