Tell Secretary Buttigieg: Release the Rule and Measure Greenhouse Gas Emissions Created by the National Highway System Now!

The Trump administration overturned a critical rule finalized by the Department of Transportation (DOT) in the closing days of the Obama administration which required the roughly 400 state transportation departments and metropolitan planning organizations to track the annual number of tons of carbon dioxide emitted from cars, trucks, buses, and any other “on-road mobile sources” traveling on the national highway system.

States were also directed to assess traffic congestion and set two- or four-year emissions-reduction targets. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it required public reporting of the findings, which is a critical component of making sure both state and local governments actually use the data to redirect funding away from polluting highways and into public transportation.

Recently, the DOT announced it would reinstate the rule. The problem is, that’s all they’ve done; and if the fossil fuel industry, Wall Street banks, and the Chamber of Commerce have their way, the DOT will never follow through.

That’s why Secretary Buttigieg needs to hear from us! Sign the petition to release the rule and measure greenhouse gas emissions created by the national highway system now!

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