Tell Senator Schatz: Block the House GOP Cuts to Transit Funding Now

Congress made a major commitment to the American people when it overwhelmingly passed the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) in 2021.

Now the Republicans want to take it back.

The House has passed an Appropriations bill that would cut billions of dollars slated to repair the nation’s aging infrastructure and build high-quality public transit. Their bill would also end funding for the Department of Transportation's Equity Action Plan and prohibit funding of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rule, thwarting two critical reforms we worked to make happen in the dual fights for racial justice and against climate change.

At this crucial juncture for building essential public transit infrastructure, providing jobs and fighting the climate crisis, we cannot let the Republicans take back billions of dollars that Congress previously approved overwhelmingly for this task.  

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Tell Senate Appropriations Committee Chair, Senator Brian Schatz:
Reject the MAGA House bill, and provide an effective alternative, fully funding the approved IIJA programs and expanding essential public transit options now.

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