Tell TCGplayer Leadership: Declare Neutrality and Stop Union Busting!

TCGplayer Authentication Center workers have banded together to form TCGunion. We are working together to improve our working conditions and provide quality service to the collectible gaming community. Join us in calling on TCGplayer leadership to sign a neutrality agreement and stop union busting!

Dear TCGplayer leadership,

TCGplayer is a leading marketplace for collectible gaming. It’s used by a community of buyers, sellers, collectors, hobbyists, and more. Authentication Center workers are the backbone of TCGplayer and essential to the company’s ability to provide quality service to its sellers and customers.

TCGplayer is successful when its workers are successful, and just as workers invest themselves in their work, TCGplayer should invest in its workers. They are joining a growing movement of gaming unions like ZeniMax Workers United, Raven QA Game Workers Alliance, Vodeo Workers United, Card Kingdom Union, United Paizo Workers, Noble Knight Games United, and Bellevue Mox Organized Workers. TCGplayer leadership should follow the lead of Microsoft, Paizo, Noble Knight, and Vodeo and take the high road in their labor standards. This includes remaining neutral and not interfering in these worker’s organizing rights.

I join TCGunion-CWA in calling on TCGplayer management: stop union busting and respect your worker’s right to organize free from intimidation by signing a neutrality agreement with TCGunion-CWA.

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