Tell the Prime Minister: Leave no child behind

No child left behind means every child should have food, clothes and the basic tools to learn.

When children don’t have the basics, they fall behind on their education. When there’s a learning gap, an opportunity gap follows.

In Britain, every child should have the chance to succeed.

But today there are 4.2 million children living in poverty — and it's only getting worse.

As coronavirus continues to affect families across the country and local lockdowns start to bite, children face their toughest challenge yet.

The Government must do everything in its power to help children succeed.

Food and affordable uniforms are the minimum.

For decades it’s been essential for children to have access to computers and the internet. Now it's more urgent than ever for children to access an education from home.

As educators, we are calling on the Prime Minister to leave no child behind. Will you join us?

The Government must urgently deliver:

  1. Expanded eligibility for free school meals for every child on Universal Credit

  2. Free school meals expanded year-round to end holiday hunger

  3. Affordable school uniforms

  4. Free Wi-Fi access for disadvantaged pupils so everyone can learn from home

  5. A dedicated tech budget for schools to combat the digital divide

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