Tell the Senate: Don’t make flying less safe!

Senator Kyrsten Sinema is teaming up with Republicans and big money donors to water down airline pilot safety rules―and the American people could pay the price.

Sinema has received nearly $200,000 in contributions from the airline industry, including more than $54,000 in 2022 alone. So it’s no surprise that she’s siding with corporate airlines over public safety.

Even though Democrats in the Senate have attempted to remain collegial with Sinema since she left the party, this move has them up in arms. Senator Tammy Duckworth, who chairs the aviation safety subcommittee, warned supporters of the amendment that they would have “blood on your hands.”

Senator Sinema, along with Republican co-sponsor John Thune, are aiming to weaken pilot certification requirements, putting less experienced pilots behind the controls of your next commercial flight.

Corporate airlines have forced pilots into retirement, and failed to invest in training the next generation of pilots. That’s why they’re trying to skip the rigorous pilot safety training that has kept our skies safe for decades. Our elected Senators should not be enabling corporations to cut corners on safety.

Add your name: The Senate must reject the Sinema-Thune amendment to the FAA reauthorization bill!