Tell the Senate: Lower prescription drug prices now!

Prices are rising all over the place. In some cases, it’s because Russia’s invasion of Ukraine stoked an energy crisis, in others, it’s just plain corporate greed.

Nowhere is inflation more clearly a product of greed than prescription drugs. For years, drug manufacturers have competed to see who can raise prices most egregiously. Now, Democrats are on the verge of passing a bill to lower prescription drug prices―and it couldn’t come at a better time!

Sign now: Tell Democrats to finally pass their bill to lower prescription drug prices!

Republican obstruction has made it difficult for Democrats to keep their promise to enact comprehensive drug pricing reform. But now, with inflation dominating headlines, we have the momentum to finally pass it, even without Republican votes. We need to keep pushing until this bill passes!

Corporate-funded Democrat Rep. Josh Gottheimer is teaming up with Republicans to kill the plan entirely to protect tax loopholes for millionaires. The American people are counting on us―together, we will lower prescription drug prices!

The bill―which Democrats can pass without Republican votes using a Senate procedure called budget reconciliation―would give Medicare the authority to negotiate lower prices (like the VA already does), restrain annual premium growth, and force drug corporations to issue rebates to overcharged patients.

More than one-third of the average Social Security check is already consumed by medical costs, with medication being the biggest chunk. Every new round of Big Pharma price gouging is a de facto cut to Social Security benefits. This is our chance to stop it.

Tell the Senate: Use budget reconciliation to lower prescription drug prices now!