Tell Us YOUR #MyNCCannabisStory

We're happy you're interested in sharing your story and we're here to help. When you've completed your written story or uploaded your recorded video, please paste that into the form provided here on the right --->

Personal stories are the highest impact tool for persuasion. We all have a unique perspective. Stories are most effective when brief and covering one idea at a time (video is under 1 minute text is around 200 words). As you practice your story for video or written story, you will find your “elevator speech” that is now available to you any time you encounter an elected official or decision-makers in NC.

This can be difficult because we can have many reasons why this is such an important issue. But don’t worry, you can send in as many stories as you’d like. If you get stuck, we are here to help you! The form allows you to request assistance.

IMPORTANT - Do not self-incriminate, reference use of THC >.3% inside NC unless necessary for your story (e.g. experiences related to enforcement)


  • Why is cannabis law reform important to you?

  • What would be different about your life if you had access to all high quality, affordable, labeled cannabis products?

  • How might legal cannabis help a family member?

  • Experiences in states with legalized marijuana

Video Information:

We prefer you not say your name, but it's up to you whether you show your face.

These videos need to be short to have an impact (<1 minute). This will also help you craft and refine a short script that you can reuse every time you are in front of a candidate in this important election year.

  1. Think about one idea that you want to get across to anyone who would learn about why cannabis legalization is important to you.

  2. View our example video

  3. Draft a script. You won’t necessarily read it word for word but it will certainly help to gather your thoughts before pressing record. Here is a sample:

    1. “Hello I’m from NC” (DO NOT PROVIDE YOUR NAME or further define your location, unless necessary for your story. At best, this wastes a few seconds and at worst, allows for additional bias) 5 seconds

      “Cannabis legalization is important to me because… “ OR “My story began when ……(tell your experience, your symptoms, how your life is affected) 35 seconds

      4. Practice, Revise and Record – must be less than 60 seconds in length

      5. Re-record as needed! No biggie.

We need your authorization to use your content. Your typed signature in the field is your agreement to the following. Thank you again for your commitment to, and taking this important step, in support of legal Cannabis!

The undersigned subject of stories, quotes, photographs, recordings, film, or other personal biographical information (collectively “Materials”) hereby grants to North Carolina NORML, a nonprofit service and advocacy organization located in North Carolina, including its successors, sponsors, employees, distributors, licensees and assigns (collectively, the “Publisher”), the unrestricted permission, right and license to use the Materials and to reproduce, exhibit, broadcast, advertise and exploit all or any part of the Materials in any media chosen by the Publisher. The undersigned consents to use of the Materials in any story, quote, photograph, recording or other media produced by or on behalf of the Publisher. The undersigned is aware that the Materials may be published by the Publisher in print or in electronic publications such as on the Publisher’s website(s) and may be released to news media and others in connection with the promotion or publicizing of the activities of the Publisher, including advocacy activities. The undersigned grants permission to use his/her name or likeness and biographical data in connection with publication of the Materials, and/or the use of his/her personal story or quote under a pseudonym. The Publisher shall own any copyright and all other intellectual property rights in the Materials. The undersigned waives any demand for compensation and waives any claim to any moral rights or any violation of rights to privacy, publicity or confidentiality under any statute or common law in connection with any use of the Materials. The Publisher proposes to act in reliance on this Consent, therefore the undersigned declares it to be irrevocable, and releases the Publisher from any and all claims, liability, actions or demands whatsoever in connection with the use of the Materials as provided in this Consent.

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