Tell your rep: Don’t fall for Trump’s tax scam

Tell your representative: Lowering taxes on the wealthiest Americans hurts the economy and drives inequality.

President Trump and Republicans in Congress are trying to convince us their proposal to lower taxes for the wealthiest people and corporations will be good for the economy. They want us to think lowering taxes on the richest Americans would bring more jobs and revenue to the rest of us working people. That simply isn’t the case.

Lowering corporate tax rates drains potential tax revenue from our economy, harming vital programs working people rely on like public education, Medicare and Social Security. Lowering tax rates gives more money to the richest Americans and takes money and resources from people like us.

A study looking at a set of industrialized countries from the 1970s until the years preceding the financial crisis “found no meaningful correlation between cuts in top tax rates and economic growth.” In fact, “big tax cutters like the United States did not grow faster than countries like Denmark, which kept taxes high. What did respond to lower taxes was inequality: The income share of the top 1 percent grew much more sharply among big tax cutters like the United States than in countries like France or Germany, where top tax rates changed little.”

Trump’s tax plan hurts working people and families, who bear the brunt of the impacts of economic inequality. Demand better from your elected officials today!


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