Thank You Governor Newsom & YIMBY Legislators

With the Governor’s signature on AB 68, AB 881, AB 1482, SB 13, and SB 330, California becomes the first state in the nation to couple robust rent caps and tenant protections (AB 1482) with the de-facto elimination of single-family zoning throughout the state (AB 68).

Taken together, these bills are a historic housing package that will help cities overcome NIMBYism and allow the construction of more homes, while also ensuring that renters can remain in their communities as they grow.

But our work isn't done yet.

By signing this thank you card, we will send a signal to Sacramento that the YIMBY movement is willing to work with everyone on common-sense solutions, help us grow the support we’ll need to pass SB 50 next year, and tackle the root causes of the housing crisis.

We’re hoping to include your name. Can you sign our thank you card to the Governor & YIMBY Legislators?

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