The 350 Challenge: Community Clean-Up

April 22 has come and gone but let's make it Earth Day every day. As Toronto lives through yet another lockdown, and the news of the world adds stress day by day, we thought we'd offer a challenge to get folks outside and doing something we can all feel good about.

We're looking for 350 Torontonians to accept the challenge to pick-up 350 pieces of trash (or whatever you can manage). Take the pledge and clean-up in your neighbourhood!

Take photos & post to social media to spread awareness. Be sure to tag Toronto350, as well as any of the brands & companies found in your collection to hold them accountable for the waste they're producing.

Be sure to include the hashtags below:
#TO350Challenge so we can share your work
#TakeCareofthePlanet as a part of the campaign
#RestoreOurEarth as a part of the campaign

A common question asked about Community Clean-Ups is what is the purpose of doing this? This blog by Kathryn Kellogg helps to define some key reasons such as protecting wildlife & children from potentially harmful litter, and helping to remove the stigma that surrounds cleaning up public spaces.


  • Follow Covid safety protocols: Wear a mask and stay 6-feet apart from others. Do not gather with anyone outside of your household.
  • This is dirty work - be sure to wear gloves! Utility or gardening gloves are a great alternative to disposable vinyl or latex.
  • Bring hand sanitizer or wipes.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Pay attention to weather forecasts & dress accordingly. (Don't forget a hat & sunscreen!).
  • To reduce plastic usage, consider collecting trash in re-used boxes or paper bags.
  • In an effort reduce back strain, try an old pair of kitchen or BBQ tongs to collect the trash (in lieu of an actual garbage spike).
  • Do not work on unstable or slippery ground (ravines, river banks), in tunnels, or near stormwater management ponds.
  • Only pick-up litter. Leaves, twigs and plants can remain on the ground.
  • Avoid stepping on shrubs, bulbs, and flowers.
  • Have fun!

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