The DeKalb Green New Deal

The DeKalb Green New Deal

Our DeKalb Green New Deal is a people-powered organizing effort that will elevate the realities of the climate crisis, push for bold solutions and help enact meaningful policy solutions to protect our communities. From volunteering to revitalize our landscapes to advocating for vital legislation that your Board of Commissioners and state leadership can vote on, my team and I are bringing the fight against climate change to the people, DeKalb's people.

We can't control what happens at the state or even the federal level, but we can push for the changes we want to see here in DeKalb, and set the model for how to take meaningful action to protect our environment and reverse global warming at the local level. Together, we can enact bold climate action in DeKalb now. Don't miss out on a chance to join our DeKalb Green New Deal organizing efforts!

"Think Globally, Act Locally."

-- Super District 6 Commissioner, Ted Terry

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