The House has voted to defund the IRS. Demand the Senate block this bill.

House Republicans have just passed a bill that would defund the IRS of nearly all of the $80 billion it received as a part of the Inflation Reduction Act. In addition to desperately needed technology upgrades, almost half of the $80 billion passed by Democrats will go to enforcement, targeting ultra-wealthy criminal tax cheats -- the same tax cheats who fill Republican campaign coffers.

Republican donors and special interest groups have one demand of the lawmakers they sponsor -- lower their tax bill. Whether that’s through changing the tax code or defunding the IRS, they want to get out of paying the taxes they owe. In return, they’ll spend billions on lobbying and elections in support of Republican candidates. It’s a corrupt cycle that leaves ordinary Americans footing the bill to run the country while the rich break the law with impunity.

However, Democrats still control the Senate and the Presidency. That’s why we need to put pressure on the Senate to block this bill and keep the IRS adequately funded.

Add your name. Demand the Senate block House Republicans’ new bill to defund the IRS.