We choose climate-friendly living because we reject the desecration of people and planet and embrace joyful lives of simplicity and solidarity.

As 2022 approaches, let’s start the New Year by committing to climate justice! This January, we invite you to join in “Time for Living the Change”, a season to make your New Year’s low-carbon resolution and live it out for a month.

Will you join together with others and register your group?

After registering, you’ll be invited to:
  • Organize a kick-off meeting, where you will:

    • Have a spiritual time together;

    • Each choose your low-carbon resolution;

    • Write a short letter to yourself about why you’re taking part;

    • Share a good climate-friendly meal.

  • Over the course of the month, reflect and share with your group members about the resolution you are living out;

  • Invite your group to a special meeting towards the end of January to:

    • Have a spiritual time together;

    • Read the short letter to yourself you wrote at the beginning of the month;

    • Tell each other how you did, your joys and struggles, and what you learned;

    • Celebrate your successes and envision what comes next;

    • Share a good climate-friendly meal.

  • Join our celebration and sharing with the global community at the 31 January call!

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