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Failing CCEA Resorts to Violence Rejecting Will of its Members

NEA of Southern Nevada (NEA-SN) strongly condemns CCEA's vicious and violent rejection of membership termination and dues revocation notices that took place Wednesday, July 11 at their offices. READ MORE...

failing ccea resorts to illegal tactics to stop members from dropping

NEA-SN has received numerous reports of illegal tactics, online bullying, and intimidation being employed by CCEA to stop members from exercising their legal right to drop the failing union. CCEA’s behavior continues a pattern of disrespect towards its own members starting with the December 2015 contract ratification vote, the illegal withholding of dues, and now failing to honor the will of members’ decision to drop.        READ MORE...

nea-sn DUES information

NEA-SN dues are set at $460 per year! No dues will be assessed or collected prior to the 2018/2019 school year. That means you can join today and you don't pay dues until September 2018. The great news is, when you sign up you are immediately a member of NEA of Southern Nevada (NEA-SN), Nevada State Education Association (NSEA), and the National Education Association (NEA). You will be a member in good standing with all three organizations and will have access to all privileges and benefits of membership! NEA-SN Members will vote on how dues are allocated July 2018 and all members will be given an opportunity to attend the NEA-SN Constitutional Convention where they will have a voice in our new, member driven union!

Being an educator isn’t a job, it’s a calling. It’s also personally rewarding and professionally demanding. That’s why the NEA-SN strives to provide you with the support you need to be great at what you do.

Reach, teach and inspire.

You’re never on your own. Your membership gives you access to some of education’s most sought-after authorities who provide new and innovative programs you can use in your classroom. With resources that cover classroom management and supports, to more in-depth professional development provided by your local, state, and national affiliates—you have a team supporting you.

Take a look at the top reasons to join!

Make your voice heard.

As trusted professionals, educators are best equipped to make school and classroom decisions to ensure student success. It’s our mission to ensure educators have a seat at the table when education policies are made. As members of the Association, educators have a powerful voice in creating the policies that affect our students, our schools, and our classrooms.

Grow your network.

We’re a community of experienced professionals.
Through a variety of online and off-line tools, you enjoy access to valuable resources on classroom management, lesson planning, and a host of other topics. Plus, you’ll make connections with the educators at your school, in your state, and among our more than 3 million members.

Read these Frequently Asked Questions about NEA-SNEnjoy what matters most.

Membership means less worrying for you and more action from us. With representation at the bargaining table, liability insurance and so much more, NEA provides advice and professional advocacy on the range of issues you face as an educator: salary, working conditions, evaluation support, contract compliance and enforcement, and retirement.


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