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It’s time for fair, safe road transport

Transport is Australia’s deadliest industry.

Hundreds of people die in truck crashes every year on Australian roads, including dozens of truck drivers, but pressures in the industry are preventable. Evidence shows that when money is tight, safety suffers.

Wealthy clients at the top of supply chains are financially squeezing transport contracts, resulting in an industry that is neither safe nor fair.

Because of an absence of standards, transport companies are forced to undercut each other to win work. That means cutting workers’ pay and conditions and cutting safety corners like truck maintenance, fatigue management and speed limits in order for the business to survive.

In addition to this, the emergence of gig economy companies like Uber and AmazonFlex further threatens the industry. Under the guise of innovation, these companies are making exploitation the norm and obliterating the basic rights to minimum pay and conditions that workers rely on.

We must end this crisis.

I support transport reform and call on the Albanese Government to act on their commitment to fair, safe road transport laws with the power to:

  1. Set fair, safe enforceable standards
  2. Hold supply chain clients to account
  3. Ensure Same Job - Same Pay
  4. End gig exploitation
  5. Give transport workers a voice

I will take action to fight for these laws to ensure a fairer, safer and more sustainable transport industry.

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