Trees-as-a-Public-Good Network Meeting

Building on our April 2022 forum "A Livable Commonwealth: Trees as a Public Good" (the recording can be viewed here), we created a network to share and support each other's efforts to overcome the pernicious and pervasive threats facing trees--both urban canopies and forests--across the Commonwealth.

We are both tackling specific threats and also working on state and local legislation to better protect trees and forests, which provide so many benefits and help mitigate the climate emergency. Whether you and your community have made great progress or are struggling to begin organizing, please join us.

We have members from all over the Commonwealth. We meet every two weeks via Zoom. Sign up using this form to receive the Zoom information for our next meeting. We meet the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7 pm.

Welcome! Together, we can make a difference!