UCAFT Unit 18 Strike Readiness Pledge

Take the UC-AFT Unit 18 Faculty Strike Readiness Pledge

I am united with my colleagues in calling on the UC Office of the President to make the following commitments:

  • Bring job stability to lecturer faculty positions through rehiring preferences, unbiased evaluations, multi-year appointments for pre-six lecturers, and accessible promotions to Senior Lecturer for continuing lecturers;

  • Eliminate uncompensated workload and address lecturers’ unpaid service and professional development; and

  • Provide fair, livable wages that reflect our training and experience and keep pace with the rising cost of living in California

If the UC Office of the President refuses to commit to these reasonable measures that promote teaching excellence and high professional standards for UC faculty, I will vote to authorize and I will participate in a strike.


We are dedicated teaching faculty who take pride in the education we offer to UC students.

The UC Office of the President (UCOP) has ignored us for far too long. We will not accept empty platitudes about respect when they are not backed up by meaningful improvements to our union contract.

After two years of negotiations, UC management has refused to bring any proposals to the table for a pre-six rehiring process, has not acknowledged the unpaid academic work we conduct as members of UC’s faculty community, and has made only a paltry salary offer that fails to reflect our integral contributions to our University.

By taking this pledge I am making a public commitment to join with my colleagues because we are stronger together.

Why might lecturers need to go on strike? Read our Resolution to Prepare for Strike Readiness.

To learn more visit WeTeachUC.org or contact your campus rep.