Unite across issues for health care

We are living in the middle of multiple health crises, including COVID, monkeypox, and polio. But many are skipping going to a doctor because of the cost. Millions of people lost health care during the pandemic, and 1 in 5 people are currently drowning in billions of dollars in medical debt. It's heartbreaking: people are dying because they can't afford care, even though a majority of people support expansions to Medicaid and Medicare -- and even health care for all. All the while, we've lost the right to an abortion, and reproductive rights are being attacked every day. We need to connect these struggles and demand change.

The tech nerd activists behind Take Action for Us are trying to support campaigns all over the world that organize to connect all issues related to health care: like expansion of Medicare and Medicaid, reproductive rights, medical debt, access to child and elder care, workers rights and minimum wage, and more. When we fight together, we win together. Join our campaign. Sign up here.